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I know we’ve been hyping up CIS’s 2021 comeback A LOT, but here we are, 2020, launching the first of our many series of projects:


“Chemurgy: New Major, New Perspective, Renewable”

Still wondering the meaning of ‘Chemurgy’? What is this new major? Worry not, we’ll be bringing you outstanding speakers with various backgrounds and expertise that would enlighten you all about this industry. #CIS2021 #ChemurgyInnovationSummit #SustainableFoundation

Further information and inquiries, kindly reach us at:
Instagram @cis_itb
OA LINE @xpl5364t
Email chemurgyinnovationsummit@gmail.com

Mark your calendar,
Wednesday, November 18th, 2020
9.00-12.00 WIB
via Zoom

Register yourself now through


we’ll gladly save a seat!

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