Professional Organization:  Organization that formed to advance the interest of people involved in certain professions, to advance certain preofessions. Student Chapter is there to acommodate student;s interest in campus to pursue or study a specific field, profession and its study field, profession and its study, available for all majors, to gain experiences and self-development skills.

AIChE is the World’s Leading Organizatuon for Chemical Engineering. AIChE ITB Student Chapter is the first student chapter in Indonesia, established in 2015. AIChE ITB has 280+ members across majors and awarded as Outstanding Student Chapter in 2019 and 2020. AIChE has some program such as webinars & guest lectures, hands-on workshop session, delegation ChEarch & competition overview, internal competition, podcast, ChEnnected, AIChEXchange Benchmarking, Bonding Session, ChEXpedition Plant Visit, AIChE Sister Chapter with other university around the world, and AIChE Indonesia Student Conference. Another benefit if you join the AIChE is you’ll get AIChE membership (get professional credential & exclusive access to AIChE website), exclusive magazines & newsletter, get acces to AIChE academy, being able to have online discussion formu with AIChE members worldwide, and get SAChE certification.

ASHRAE ITB Student Branch activities and programs based on 3 key points:

  1. The application of professionalism values 
  2. Developing soft skills 
  3. The awareness of the HVACR innovations itself

ASHARE ITB Student Branch activities & programs:

  • BOD Training
  • Competition Training
  • ASHRAE Connect
  • Lecturer Visit
  • ASHRAeticles
  • Benchmarking: Student Chapter League

Writer: Anisah Nur Fatimah


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